Sports Massage combines a range of massage techniques to increase blood circulation to the muscles, loosen tight muscles and flush toxins from your system. This will reduce injury, maintain optimal biomechanics and improve performance. Sports Massage uses a variety of deep, slower strokes across the muscle direction rather than with it. Combined with individual stretching techniques, sessions can be individually tailored to your body’s requirements. 

Neck and back pain is one of the most common symptoms for people who are sitting at a desk or computers we have treated many patients who have suffered from related neck and back pain.

Sports massage does have some aims in common with other forms of massage and it is especially important to have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, in particular the muscular and skeletal systems. By understanding these systems and the effects of exercise, we appreciate how massage benefits the sports person and becomes an integral part of the athlete’s training program.

Common Back Pain Ailments

  • Sciatica
  • Pulled muscles
  • Strains
  • Ligament injuries
  • Joint problems

The duration of back pain is considered in three categories, following the expected pattern of healing of connective tissue. Acute pain lasts up to 12 weeks, Subacute pain refers to the second half of the Acute period, (6 to 12 weeks), and chronic pain is pain which persists beyond 12 weeks and although back pain is common, it is rare for it to be permanently disabling.